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Step Ten to a Fortune:

Treasure map with real money

Experiment Title

Finding Treasure in the Streets



When our eyes are trained to find treasure, it's hard not to spot money.


From $20.71 in reserve capital I was scheduled to risk up to $1.95 looking for a return of greater than $2.14.  Remember the plan is straight line and reality will vary with curves, twists and turns.  The amounts are goals and guidelines...not absolutes!  All we really want to do is grow our capital, knowledge, and experience base so that we will be able to handle the larger deals as we get to them.


If I See Money on the Street I Can Finish Another Step


We found three dollars and fifty nine cents.  Three different occassions we found whole dollar bills.  One was soaking wet in a puddle of water during a slow rain.  We learned that as your skills are sharpened the amounts of the fortunes that we find increase.  When we first started the finding of money, the amounts were tiny. Now the amounts are growing.  We found pennies in the we find folding money. 



Ending gross capital before deductions                       $24.30




What is my expected gain?  The 10% gain that I expect to make on this step investment is scheduled to be $.19 and the experience to handle more deals at this and higher levels.   

What can I learn from this experience? Some people are blessed with more and better opportunity than others, but there is no shortage of opportunity for anyone.  Most of the opportunities we stumble upon in life have been passed over by others.  Never pass up a perfectly good opportunity just because others have rejected it.


Conclusion or Final Result

Cash flows from many directions once the money starts coming in. I was trying to find something to buy for a profit when the treasure of free money just came into view.


  Starting capital                                     $20.71

Investment return goal                          >$2.14 with a net profit of >                                                                           $.19

investment  required                                 $.00

Total expenses                                            gas  $0.00


                                                                total found =$3.59



                                                                 Net gain = $3.59                                      



Ending gross capital before deductions          $24.73



35% tax of $3.59 profit= 1.26  deduct that from $24. 73 we have $23.47 after taxes

after 10% contributions of $.13 we have $23.34 capital for investment and surplus in case something goes wrong.

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