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Step Twelve to a Fortune:

image of a foot kicking a can

Experiment Title

Kicking Cans for Dollars



If It Makes Money Keep Doing it!

When you learn how easy it is to complete another penny capitalist step by picking up cans, it is hard not to keep doing it.


From $34.34 in reserve capital I prepare to risk up to $2.35 (the scheduled amount for this step) looking for a return greater than $2.59 


If you make money once with aluminum cans, its stands to reason you can do it over and over again.


I just filled up a plastic bag with cans and then sold them $3.52. 



Ending gross capital before deductions                       $37.86




How long do I have to keep picking up cans?  I don't have to pick up cans; I just pick them up along the way to finding something to buy with my capital.  There is little risk so I guess I'll keep doing it until it becomes impractal. 

What can I learn from this experience? If I associate a can with a penny or two I'm not really motivated to bother with it, but if I see the end result of a larger plan (stairway to a fortune) worth two million dollars, It becomes much more of an adventure.  It really is no secret, just math.  If I continue the process I will make my goal of two million dollars.


Conclusion or Final Result

Sometimes cash flows like a river; sometimes it trickles like a tiny stream.  If we keep believing and moving forward patiently we will reach our goal of two million dollars.


  Starting capital                                     $34.34

Investment return goal                          >$2.59 with a net profit of >                                                                           $.24

actual investment  required                                 $.23 (garbage bag)

Total expenses                                        $0.00


                                                         total gross revenue =$3.52

                                                          after expenses $3.29      





Ending gross capital before deductions          $37.63



35% tax of $3.29 profit= $1.15 deduct that from $3.29 we have $2.14 after taxes

after 10% contributions of $0.21 we have $1.93 adjusted capital gain. Our new capital has grown to  $36.27 investment and surplus for future deals.

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