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Step Twenty Nine to a Fortune:

photo of two Disney Christmas Carol CD's

Experiment Title

How to make money in CD's


I sold Christmas tapes, now I will sell Christmas CD's

I made a little money on cassette tapes.  There is no reason why I can't make money on the unopened Disney CD tapes my wife found in the dumpster where she was gathering boxes.



Step 29 from the plan calls for an investment of up to $11.90 for a sale of $13.09 or more.  

From $234 in reserve capital, I can invest up to $11.90 in pursuit of $13.09 or more.  My goal is to yield a net profit of $1.19 or more. 

Step 29

Starting capital                                    $234.00

Planned investment     risk                      $11.90

Investment receipt goal                           $13.09



If you have a Christmas item, the right time to sell it is before Christmas




My wife found these Christmas CD's after Christmas, now it is Christmas again they should sell.


I listed these unopened Disney CD's on ebay and let the world have their chance at them. We got several bids!



I sold this CD set for $20.50 plus $4.60 for priority mail.  Total sale counting postage was $25.10

I had a .20 insertion fee, listing was a free promotional, and the final value fee was 1.08  Actual postage was 2.67 and 1.65 for insurance pay pal fee aprox. 2.00 


sale price                                                                  $25.10

Actual investment  and expense                                   $7.60


Gross Profit or loss  this deal                                     

was $17.50


Ending gross capital  (before deductions)            $251.50



Are larger deals more or less difficult than the smaller ones? It's too early to tell, but it seems the larger deals are easier to find than the smaller deals.

What did I learn from this deal? I've been dealing with pennies, but now the profits are building and making much more cents!  The bigger deals are more fun and more profitable than the small ones.


Conclusion or Final Result

I am starting to get excited about the future.  Up until now the deals were so tiny people laughed at me.  Now they only smile.  Many are watching to see if my crazy system will really work, and some are actually starting to build their on capital base upon these simple methods.  Of course it will work!  It is all in the math.

I started with $234.00 in funds. I planned to limit my risk to $11.90 or less seeking in hopes of growing it to $8.11. After the sale before tax and charitable deductions I had  $251.50.

35% tax on profit of $17.50 would be $6.13.  That leaves $10.35

As a good person we pay 10% of $.10.35 for a good cause = 1.04

Our deduction is $7.17 leaving $10.33 gain

leaving $244.33 for investment and surplus to cover any forseeable loses.


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