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Step Forty One to a Fortune:

Beet juice and fresh beets


Experiment Title

Beating the High Cost of Beet Juice!


Beet Juice is great for the heart and vascular system, but extremely expensive.  If I invest time and money in raw beets, I can save money and get healthy at the same time.

A bottle (16.9 oz.) of fresh beet juice cost $5.47.  Depending upon the size of the beet, I can buy two or three fresh beets for $1.96.  That is just enough to make  a little more than a bottle of fresh beet juice using our pre-existing Vita-Mix.

A penny saved is a penny earned.  If I save money by making my own beet juice, I can pay part of that savings into my reserve fund to use for investment purposes.  This is all part of the strategy to buy for less than I can sell for.  For each investment of $1.96 I'll save almost $4.00.  I'll use a dollar of that savings to enhance my lifestyle with healthy beet juice.  The other three dollars I save can be added from my pocket to my reserve to re-invest in other savings or money making investments.


The Forty First step in our business plan overview advises that we invest up to $37.36   going for $41.14. An investment of this size in beets should make at least 12 bottles of juice.

From $397.88 in saved capital, I will risk up to $37.36 for the purchase of beets expecting to make 13 bottles of fresh beet juice. This by schedule would produce a profit of $3.78 or more. Lets see how well we can do by making our own beet juice.


Step 41

Starting capital                                    $397.88

Planned investment     risk                      $37.36

Investment receipt goal                           $41.14 or better



If I make my own beet juice, I'll be healthier and save money at the same time.  The healthier I am, the better I will be to make more money and live longer to enjoy the money that I have made.





I began to buy beets and make my own juice. I use a Vitamix machine that we bought over 30 years ago.  I make two bottles per week and buy a couple of more bottles of store bought juice. 

Week one: $4 on beets gets me two bottles, but the actual price of store bought juice has gone up to $6.00 per bottles.  I save $8.

Week two, another $4 on beets gets me another two bottles...another $8 in savings.

Week three saves me another $8.

Week four, there is another price change.  Beets are selling for $1.96 per bunch.  I only buy once bunch.  I'm getting tired of the taste of beet juice.  It tastes like dirt even if it gives me great energy. A dollar ninety six gets me $4.04 in savings.

Week five, I again buy two bunches of beets.  I save $8.08.

Week six, with two bottles of home squeezed juice I save $8.08 again.

Week seven, I save yet another $8.08. 

Week eight, another $8.08 is saved.  I will continue making my own beet juice, but in the future the savings will go to my budget. For investment purposes, I'll move on to the next step.




I spent $29.64 on fresh beets.  If I had bought the juice in a store, I would have spent $90.  There are no expenses other than the beet prices.  Gross and Net profit will be the same.  It saved me $60.36


What additional benefit does savings have over just "earning" money.     Well, we can't save our way to a fortune, but saving money can improve our lifestyle if we do it right. 

In this case, spending $1.96 for raw materials and a little labor gets us $6.00 in lifestyle.  On the forth week of making juice, I discovered there are seeds in that pulp I've been throwing away.  If I can plant those seeds and get many new beets it would be even more capital gain.  This remains to be seen.

Also, there is no tax to money that we save.  We just get to keep more of the money we have already paid taxes on.  We can use it for additional investment, or we can spend it on our lifestyle.


Conclusion or Final Result


I started with $397.88 in capital. I was looking to risk $37.36 seeking $41.14 or more.  After the sale before tax and charitable deductions we've gained $60.36.

Actually, since this money is savings rather than earnings, there will be no taxes on it. By adding it to our investment capital, we will pay taxes on the future money it earns but none is owed on the gain of this step.  The money out of my pocket for the processed beet juice or the raw beets I use has already had the taxes paid on it from whatever income produced it!

Contributions of 10% $6.04 thins my profit to $54.32 


We now have  $452.20 in our capital fund.



Next Step 42