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Finding a Suitcase Full of Money

picture of a suitcase full of money

Right in the middle of the road 

I've always watched both sides of the road for a suitcase full of money. For one thing, I've always needed another suitcase full of money! Another reason I've kept my eye out is that many years ago an uncle-in-law of mine actually found a paper sack full of money.  He found 18 thousand dollars and kept it.  When I was younger my wife and I traveled around the country doing art shows.  We went to the same shows year after year.  To avoid the same routes, we would take back roads to get to these shows, hoping to see great things…like maybe a sack of money.

One morning about 4 o,clock with the stars still out, we were driving down a very isolated North Dakota back country road.  Debbi was trying to sleep but not really having much luck.  I suddenly see a suitcase right in the center of the road; no one around. 

I slowed to a stop.  With astonishment, my wife said, “There’s your suitcase full of money!”  She got out of the truck and went to get it.  She had the handle well in grasp when another hand suddenly appeared.  A man came out from under a culvert bridge under the road.  His pants were half down and half pulled up.  One hand holding his pants, the other hand grabbing at his suitcase, my wife struggled with him briefly before she had time to process this sudden development.

I couldn’t believe it.  There she was struggled with a man in the dark of morning.  Not just any man but one out in the middle of nowhere with his pants down.

She was so embarrassed!  She let go the handle of the suitcase, and fled to her seat in the truck.  With a quick apology, we left in a hurry. 

I don’t know how this man got here, but I do know what he was doing under that bridge.  He would have felt safe with his suitcase in the road.  This was not a highly traveled road, especially at 4 in the morning, but we certainly interrupted his morning ritual.

Being a penny capitalist is a constant adventure.  Some people find sacks full of money, others just find suitcases full of other people’s clothes.